Digital Forensics.US LLC’s team of professionals are proficient in developing quality management systems compliant with ISO/IEC 17025 and 17020 International Standards, the ANAB and A2LA  requirements for accreditation of digital forensics, eDiscovery services, fingerprint analysis, firearms, and drug chemistry. As certified technical assessors for accreditation bodies, we have expertise in management of the labs being assessed and in conducting assessments.

Our team provides services that include:

  • Developing computer forensic and eDiscovery capacities
  • Assessing existing laboratories
  • Performing conformance assessment analysis
  • Recommending a roadmap for conformance and accreditation
  • Defining and implementing competency and certification programs for forensic examiners and eDiscovery specialists
  • Establishing training and mentoring programs for examiners and specialists
  • Drafting and implementing quality management system policies
  • Drafting and implementing standard operating procedures
  • Training internal auditors to evaluate quality management systems
  • Conducting and guiding internal audits
  • Performing root cause analyses
  • Guiding corrective and preventative actions
  • Conducting and guiding management reviews
  • Training and mentoring management, quality assurance system staff, and technical personnel to implement a Plan-Do-Check-Act process for continuous improvement
  • Other services based upon specific need

Digital Forensics.US LLC guides its clients, both government and private, large and small, US and abroad, to successfully establish reliable, secure, and defensible forensic and eDiscovery services that have achieved internationally recognized accreditation.